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The story of ‘Cinderella’ tells the adventures of young Ella whose father remarries after the tragic death of his mother. She does not want to upset his beloved father so welcomes his stepmother, Lady Tremaine and her daughters Anastasia and Drisella in the family home. But Ella’s father dies suddenly and is now at the mercy of a new family jealous and cruel. She ends up being a servant of ash covered the contemptuously called Cinderella. A situation that could plunge into despair but she is determined to fulfill the last words his mother told her: “You should be brave and kind.”

So Cinderella will not fall into despair, nor despise the abusers. Then there’s the handsome stranger who knows the forest. Do not know who is not an employee’s Palace, but a prince, but what I do know is that he has found his soulmate. It seems that her destination may change when Palace invites all eligible young ladies to a grand ball where she hopes to meet again with the charming “Kit”. Unfortunately, her stepmother prohibited her from attending the dance and makes her dress torn. But a helping hand, as in all good fairytales, emerges as a beggar friendliest, armed with a pumpkin and mice, will forever change the life of Cinderella.




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