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World War Z

world war z

In this film we see once again the attempt of a frame by predicting what would “end of humanity ” , however , in this case part of the beginning of a war whose point of origin is unknown.
The story is based on armed conflict where the human race is threatened. In this context , U.S. authorities convince an expert UN investigator starring Brat Pit, so that it attempts to stop what could be the end of the world .
The researcher is forced to leave his family and take up the matter in a race against time and fate . In his tour travels the world looking for answers that will lead to find and stop a pandemic that allows you to save the lives of millions of people as well as their family.
The film is an adaptation of the novel by horror writer Max Books and the same actors also star Mireille Enos , Eric West , Matthew Fox, David Morse, James Badge Dale, David Andrews Michiel Huisman , Julian Seager, Elyes Gabel, Julia Levy- Boeken , Ivan KamarĂ¡s , Trevor White, Sarah Sharman , Lee Nicholas Harris.

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